Educational  Facilities

A Variety of Educational and Recreational Facilities

To aid learning, the school has provided a variety of educational and recreational facilities for the children on site. Some of these facilities include;

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Science Laboratory

The school has a fully equipped science laboratory where students are given first-hand practical training in biology, physics and chemistry. The laboratory has been equipped in line with national standards as prescribed by the West African Examination Council (WAEC).

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Laboratory

In an ever growing ICT age, the school as a way of giving its students an early start has equipped its laboratory with computers, internet access, and other basic accessories to help build their technological skills.

Art Room

To further improve creativity, the school has an art room and permanently employs a creative and qualified art teacher to teach students fine arts. The art room is equipped with modern drawing boards and other basic instruments.


The school has a fully stocked library within its premises. Because Primegate believes in developing an early reading culture in children, it has stocked its library with books about a wide range of educational and socio-cultural issues. Its books are available and ideal for its different age grades and teacher referrals

Sick Bay

To provide first aid, the school has provided an onsight sick bay equipped with various equipment and first aid kits. The sickbay also serves as a training center for children to be taught basic first aid skills.

Music Room

As a way of encouraging creativity and talent, the school has a music room fully fitted with a keyboard, guitar, violin, drums and other instruments where children are trained on request as part of their mandatory extra-curricular activities.


To keep children healthy and physically fit, Primegate has set aside a secure, decent and well-maintained expanse of land within the school premises to serve as a playground for its students. The playground also has a variety of toys and swings that are ideal for use by children of the different age grades of the school.

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Sensory Room

The school has a sensory room for its early year students. Here, various activities including Montessori training are carried out to help stimulate learning and reading skills in children.

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